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School Laboatories

he school has separate well equipped lab facilities for Physics,Chemistry and Biology. All labs are maintained by assistants. Physics lab is well equipped with modern Electronic instruments like- Transistors characteristic, diode/ PN junction diode which can help the students for their higher studies.

Mathematics Lab

Mathematics need to be earned with a sense of joy and delight mathematical lab in schools is such a joyful medium to inculcate interest in students to apply mathematical reasonings in real life.

Activities carried out in labs by teachers or students to explore, to learn, to stimulate interest develops favourable attitude towards mathematics. It provides greater scope for individual participation in the process of learning where in the students appreciate the application of mathematics in surroundings.

An activity involves both the mind and hands of the students working, which facilities cognition as well as the natural ability to learn Maths. It needs to be related to life oriented activities to create interest in the subject.

 The lab has been developed by teachers to build in analytical and logical thinking among students. To resolve this purpose, our Maths lab in well equipped and formulates love for mathematics. Our experienced faculty uses the lab to explain various concepts and impart a practical approach to the subject. It is all above learning and visualising mathematical concept in a fun way, even it includes learning through the newest technologies and applied reasoning.

Audio Visual Lab

An ambhi theatre like audio visual room used for powerpoint presentation,workshops and seminars is a unique facility of our school.

Computer Laboratory

The school has three well furnished Computer laboratories, equipped with about 100 PCs, multimedia kits, color monitors, laser and in-jet printers, Multimedia projector etc.. All students from I to X learn Computer science as a compulsory core subject.

TIn keeping with the pace of technological progress, the school has introduced Computer Aided Learning (CAL). This learning has been integrated with the education of academic subjects.